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We are the authority.

For over two decades our stellar reputation for dealing with the most reputable developers has made us undoubtedly the #1 pre-construction real estate investment firm in Canada. We invest alongside you and that provides a key competitive advantage.

Pre-construction investing.

It is our mission to provide investors with a secure, lucrative, transparent option amid a world of opportunities. A true Canadian success story built on integrity and trust.

Return on investment.

We safeguard our investments by selecting projects in which we have specific market knowledge and valuable relationships with the developer. It’s who we know that sets us apart and has allowed for our decades of double-digit annual returns..

What we do.

Providing knowledge-based investments in the highest yielding asset class, Toronto real estate.

Our Story.

T he story began with a simple objective: the acquisition of pre-construction condominiums – in bulk. As is the case with many prosperous business ventures, our success stems from passion, vision, and impeccable timing. With one meeting in 2002 between serial entrepreneur Simon S. Mass and real estate executive, John Mehlenbacher, the foundation was established, and The Condo Store Group of Companies was born. 15 years later and $24 billion in investments, the business thrives today and has within its management some of the leading minds in the real estate sector.

We invest together.

C ondo Store presents our clients with three to five pre-construction condominium investment offerings annually. Sometimes they are timed perfectly and land in inboxes quarterly, and other times they may all be presented together. It is all about deal-flow timing and having the right investor friendly terms to make the deals as lucrative as possible for all of us. Why all of us? Well, our core business relies on our founders, Simon and John, investing alongside you in every single offering. We are not selling to you; we are investing with you.

Earned trust.

S o many opinions and data points are available in the market, it can be hard for clients to see the forest for the trees. We are trusted because of our way of doing business, not because of flashy marketing materials and advertisements. Above all, trust remains the most important core value, essential for the day-to-day relationships with our clients. Our business is earned through referrals from existing clients and built on the back of our impeccable reputation. Speak to our clients and see how they fared and realized annual ROIs in the 40% range, year after year.

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Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. It is about the safest investment in the world.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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The Condo Store has been featured in many leading international publications through the years including The Globe and Mail, BNN Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Financial Post, Yahoo Finance, CTV News, Global TV, Breakfast Television, Vice Media, Livabl, USA Today and NBC.


Investment returns and consistent execution has resulted in the trust of thousands of investors because The Condo Store’s team subscribes to the core guiding principles of integrity and win-win relationships

Simon S. Mass.

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operations Officer


We are proud to have loyal clients that continually refer family, friends and associates. See what they have to say about their experience at The Condo Store.


Supporting local and global charitable organizations and contributing scholarships
that will be valuable for our city’s growth and overall well-being.


The Condo Store is proud to support many worthwhile initiatives that care for the community and endeavour to make our home a better place for generations to come. We have a multi-year tradition of charitable activities and patronage of incredible organizations such as the Sick Kids Foundation, St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation, Lonely Whale and Sea Shepherd to name a few. While we aim to achieve leadership in all the businesses we operate, we strive not to lose sight of the importance of giving back to the society and communities in which we do business.


TCS believes that when we invest in students, we help supercharge and empower them to become leaders who will accelerate the future of the real estate, investment and other vital industries.

Lang School of Business, University of Guelph
The Condo Store Real Estate Investment Scholarship

Schulich Business School, York University
The Condo Store Leadership Scholarship

Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
The Condo Store Community Builder Student Award

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