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Trusted by tens of thousands for over two decades, Simon and John deliver on the
TCS mission of creating generational wealth for families across Canada.
Here is a small sample of what TCS clients are saying.


Trusted by tens of thousands for over two decades, Simon and John deliver on the TCS mission of creating generational wealth for families across Canada.
Here is a small sample of what TCS clients are saying.

Phil Handy

Assistant Coach, Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

What impressed me the most about Simon before anything is his humility and compassion for others. To me when a successful person shares their valuable time to help others that speaks volumes about their character. Simon quickly became a friend and mentor for on many levels. He is a great man and an even better businessman. My knowledge in business and investing increased drastically due to his openness to share and teach. For that I am forever grateful. This is the type of person I want to do business with every day of the week!


Chief Executive Officer, Momentum Solutions

Having known Simon for several years now, I know him to be an honest, hardworking, and sympathetic person. He knows his craft extremely well and is proud of the work he does and the results he achieves. I would gladly recommend Simon to any of my friends and have many times in the past.


President, Groupe Lune Rouge

Simon is one of the most charismatic and proficient individuals that I have come across in the real estate industry. He is genuine and sincere and that is what distinguishes him from his peers. We have built a mutual trust and developed a meaningful friendship which transcends our business dealings.

Sasha Cucuz

Chief Executive Officer, Greybrook Securities

Having worked closely with Simon over the past several years and on several of our projects, I can honestly say that he is one of my favorite people in real estate. He's been an honest, reliable and trusted partner for us, and he has always delivered on his word. We are fortunate to have such a strong personal and working relationship and we look forward to enjoying many more years of success working together.

Jason Rosset

Chairman, Sluyter Company

When I first met Simon to discuss new project ideas, I knew very quickly I was partnering with a winner. He’s built deep and lasting relationships in the real estate industry across North America. His intuitive style and long-term view has catapulted his team to the top of their game, which has consistently delivered outsized returns. And on top of the phenomenal work, he does in the real estate development sector, he has shown real vision by creating and championing bold philanthropic initiatives.

Paul Cummings

Chief Executive Officer, Grand Touring Automobiles

I have had the pleasure to work with Simon on multiple marketing initiatives over the past several years. With each and every initiative, Simon was professional, results oriented and ensured the outcome added value to all parties involved. His focus and drive to seek out new opportunities combined with a passion to "make a difference" puts Simon into the category of a game changer!

Inam Shah

Chief Financial Officer, CAA-GBG Global

Having known Simon since 1988, when we both attended University of Bath for our undergraduate studies, it was always apparent that his deeply engraved passion for people and business would allow him to be a successful entrepreneur in the international arena. In the sales, marketing, and development sector, I can truly say he is a rarity that gets better with age and time; easily apparent from the many different hats he wears as principle of multiple businesses with sales in the $1 billion per annum range from a variety of sectors.

Anne Fitzgerald

Chief Legal Officer, Cineplex

Simon has an incredible wealth of industry knowledge. He is a consummate and dedicated professional and inspires confidence in everyone he works with. Whenever I reach out to him, rain or shine, he replies with a no holds barred opinion that is backed up with industry stats that most people don’t even have access to. It’s rare to find a seasoned CEO who is easily accessible 24/7.

Naveen Mehta

Chief Legal Officer, MESH/Diversity

I've known Simon for over 20 years. His knowledge of real estate, particularly the pre-sale condominium segment, is above and beyond anyone I have met. I have often relied on his advice in building and continuing to expand our real estate portfolio. He has been consistently generous with his time and prudent in his business approach.

Gus Stavropoulos

Chief Financial Officer, Tribute Communities

Simon is a true professional that not only meets his lofty targets but exceeds them. I was skeptical in his game plan at first, but he absolutely hit it out of the park, not once, but twice on both engagements we had partnered on. He definitely provides strong value for many different sides of the real estate spectrum, and does a great job delivering for us.

Hugh Lawson

Director Business Development, Staples

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mass years ago and have watched him in action as a transformational leader. What impresses me the most is not his success as a businessman but instead his humility, "approachability", and his commitment to social causes & community.

Tasso Eracles

President, Smart Energy Recovery

Having worked with Simon on many projects and initiatives, I can readily recommend him as a very knowledgeable and pragmatic real estate professional.

His experience and wealth of knowledge is evident and appreciated by the entire development team on all the projects that we have worked on together. His reputation is well deserved. He constantly works towards each project’s success as if it were his own.

George Scorsis

Executive Chairman, WeedMD

I have worked on several projects with Mr. Mass and he upholds the highest level of professionalism. His team is an extension of Simon’s leadership, in which they uphold the same standards of ethics and excellence that Simon demonstrates daily. What sets him apart is not only his business practices but also his contributions to multiple causes.

Rael Maze

General Manager, Sonder Inc.

Simon and I have extensively discussed partnership opportunities for our respective businesses. Throughout my dealings with Simon, I have found him to be genuine, positive, creative, and generous with his time. I look forward to working more together!

Dr. Neil Duggal

Neurosurgeon, London Health Sciences Centre

I am first time condo buyer. Simon was amazing in screening and advising me through my first purchase. He took all the extra steps to ensure the process was easy and not stressful. He was always available to answer questions and guided me to the best fit for my needs. From start to finish, his professionalism, honesty and transparency was amazing.

Jamie Herman

Principal, Fruitman Kates LLP

Simon has always been extremely responsive and honest about my real estate questions. He is well networked and is on top of what is going on in the market. I have met his clients who are very pleased with his returns based on his recommendations. If you are looking for someone who knows the Toronto and Miami pre-construction condominium marketplace, I would recommend him. His firm, under his direct tutelage, has become the leader in the pack and a firm that savvy investors flock to.

Jared Berlin

Executive Director, Greybrook Realty Partners

Always a gentlemen and pleasure to work with. The best part about working with Simon and his team of professionals at The Condo Store is that what Simon says...Simon does. Always delivers on his promises.

Julian McNabb

Vice President, Melbourne Property Management

Our team has worked with Simon for over 20 years. The care and attention that he and his team give to developers very early on prior to sales, and the advice and guidance he provides, makes him one of the most trusted advisers in the industry. It's great to work with a team that you can rely on, as well as have fun with, and Simon and his team accomplish both. We always look forward to an opportunity to work with Simon.

Peter Politis

CEO at Greybrook Realty Partners

I’ve known and worked with Simon for a number of years and he truly goes above and beyond the call of duty. Simon and his impressive team are consummate professionals who have consistently achieved strong results on our projects throughout the years.

Robert Cohen

Partner at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

I have known Simon for more than 10 years. He displays abundant expertise and knowledge in the world of real estate marketing. He has a sixth sense for strategic and creative collaboration with developers. A real pro.

Paul Reid

Partner & DOP, Taylor Reid

We produced content for Simon & his team. It is always an amazing experience working with such a high level of individuals. Simon is a true professional and seeing his working relationship with the talent (Russell Peters) was impressive! Always a pleasure working with Simon!

Danny Roth

Publisher at Storeys Publishing Inc.

Simon is a true professional... one of the industry's true innovators, he's among the best. The perfect mix of vision and execution, Simon always delivers!

Pietro Pelliccioni

Partner - Chief Operations Officer at Italinteriors contract

Our firm has been dealing with Simon for over 12 years on the residential and commercial side of furnishings and millwork. Our relationship has always been high-level and professional and of course, mutually beneficial.

It's always great to work with like minded professionals where they negotiate in a very fair and transparent manner so that both sides win and there are no losers. I firmly believe that is one of the reason that Simon and TCS have grown over the past two decades to become one of the largest condominium investment firms in the country.

Dr. Hasan Alshabanah

Pediatric Emergency Physician

Professional, knowledgeable , and know how to find the best business opportunity in this complex industry! I wish I had know him earlier.

Karen Johnson

News Anchor at 105.9 FM The Region

If you’re looking for Platinum customer service and professionalism Simon Mass is definitely the individual you’d like to conduct business with. We’ve had the opportunity to work with Simon and his staff on many new developments. Details are never overlooked and questions are always answered. I look forward to working with Simon Mass on many new projects.

Vicki Griffiths

Owner, Vicbar Marketing Limited

Simon is a brilliant entrepreneur and a leader globally in the pre-construction real estate investment market. Throughout his career, Simon's philanthropic commitments have been unwavering creating a variety of charitable initiatives benefiting children and others in our community.

Steven Kennedy

Partner at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Simon is the consummate businessman. Never to shy away from a challenge, he has a keen sense of how to balance persistence with practicality to get the job done. It has been a pleasure getting to know him over the years!

Dune Ives

Executive Director of Lonely Whale Foundation

While leading Lonely Whale I had the great fortune to work closely with Simon on his interest in supporting philanthropic initiatives that make the world a better place. Simon brings the creativity and authenticity needed to expand an organization's reach, influence, and impact. I look forward to working closely with Simon in future efforts!!

Jennifer Roberts

CEO of Design Miami

I have had the immense pleasure of knowing Simon for the past several years. He is smart, witty and creative with a great appreciation for the arts and creative industries. He brings these qualities to his business in an authentic way. Simon exudes a lot of energy and excitement around his projects which draws out the same from those in his orbit. I always enjoy a brainstorming session with Simon!

Dr. Michael Warner

President, AdvisoryMD

Simon has taught me a tremendous amount about the real estate development process and the art & science of real estate investing. He is a both an industry expert and innovator who treats his colleagues, customers and collaborators with the highest level of professionalism.

Martin Corsunsky

Continental Business Head - Latin America · TVS Motor Company

I had the pleasure of connecting with Simon in the car industry, and I wholeheartedly recommend him. Simon is not only a highly knowledgeable professional with a strong business acumen, but he also exudes a positive energy that is truly refreshing. Working with Simon has been a delightful experience, as his values align perfectly with mine. He approaches business with a genuine smile, respect for others, and an unwavering enthusiasm that's contagious.

Horia Gruia

Principal at Scavolini Toronto

For the past two decades I've known Simon and his company, TCS as industry pioneers in Toronto's condominium sector. I've had many opportunities to witness the market that Simon dominates with some of Canada's largest developers who all respect his aptitude to already think outside of the box. Working with Simon is simple; he's a no nonsense professional who always comes through, as his word is golden.

David Diestel

CEO at FirstService Residential

I have personally known Simon for over 15 years and admired what he has accomplished for condominium investors in the major urban markets of Toronto and Miami. It's great to be able to work with Simon, share his insights with his game changing approach to developing new and interesting partnership programs in the condominiums investment and management arena. It is always a pleasure and privilege to work with Simon at the highest levels taking advantage of his 25+ years of experience in creating value in the condominium industry.

Jordan Zinberg

President and CEO at Bedford Park Capital

Simon is smart, creative and extremely well connected. All of my business dealings with him have been handled with the utmost care and professionalism. I consider Simon an expert in his field and he is a pleasure to work with.

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