There’s nothing better than eating the fresh plants and herbs you grow yourself. If you live in a condo though, this can seem like a pipe dream. It isn’t, though! It’s not only possible to grow some of your favourite veggies and herbs, it’s actually very easy to do so solely on your balcony. If you are ready to turn your condo’s balcony into an urban garden that’s going to keep giving back to you, take a look at The Condo Store’s most recommended herbs and vegetables to grow. We think you’ll find something worth growing!


Love Italian food? Then you have to grow some basil! It’s a good idea if you’re budget-conscience too. Basil isn’t going to cost you a small fortune at the supermarket, but comparatively it’s still a fairly expensive herb so it’s worth growing your own. Place it in a pot or container with rich potting soil and be sure to water it when it’s slightly dry (this avoids overwatering). As long as it gets six hours of sunlight per day and stays out of the cold, you will be clipping your basil and using it in your favourite pasta dishes in no time!


If you’re super health conscious, kale is absolutely the way to go! It can also survive year-round without bolting. Grow it in a container and be sure to water is regularly. It may be a good idea to bring it in during snowy weather, but beyond that it’s perfectly fine to keep it on your balcony throughout the year. Each year will lend multiple cuttings so you will get your money’s worth.

Hot Peppers

Love spicy foods? Then you cannot pass up adding hot peppers to your balcony’s garden. You only need a few pepper plants in a pot to get a lot of peppers throughout the year. Consider starting with one plant. If you don’t know where to begin, a great plant to start with is a jalapeno, habanero, or Thai chili pepper.


Whether you want to grow spearmint or something as delicious as chocolate mint growing it on a balcony is exceptionally easy! Place it in a pot, but be sure to water is regularly. Mint loves to sop up the water, and letting it dry out could do more harm than good. Be sure to trim back your mint regularly and take off the flowers before they bloom. This makes its harvest even longer, ensuring you get tasty mint to add to your favourite dishes.


Want to grow something as soon as possible? Then you need to consider growing radishes! Radishes are fairly small, but they will grow for a long time to come. They also grow quickly – within 21 days of planting. Because radishes are typically resilient to the elements, you will get a few good harvests out of them through the growing season. Want to do something tasty with your radishes? Consider pickling them! This 20-minute pickling recipe is exactly what the radish doctor ordered to supercharge those tastebuds!