How to Decorate a Small Condo Space

August 2, 2019

Living in small spaces, it feels like your decorating options are limited. The things you really want to do to your condo can like it’s a no-go, and your left with decorating only with the bare minimum. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! Despite how small your condo’s spaces may be, it is entirely possible to decorate your condo in the way you want to... Read More

What Makes Symphony Towns a Great Place to Live?

May 23, 2019

Looking for a new place to live; a place that lets you live to the rhythm of your own noise; a community where you can be you? Symphony Towns may just be the next place you will want to call home. An exciting new neighbourhood in one of the most convenient locations in the region, Symphony Towns is sure to press all the right buttons. What makes it the gold standard... Read More

What Buyers Need to Know About Pre-Construction Condo

May 21, 2019

If you are considering purchasing a pre-construction condo, there are things every buyer needs to know in order to determine if the transaction is right for them. Don’t go into this process blindly – learn what to expect and the timeline of things to come by soaking in a few of our favourite tips every potential buyer needs to know. If you find a pre-construction... Read More

What Makes Liberty Village Such A Great Place To Live?

November 13, 2018

How amazing would it be if there was a neighbourhood in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that simply ‘had it all?’ From a variety of (affordable!) rental properties to a booming downtown nightlife and everything in-between, it may sound like a wish list of every college-aged/young professional that lives in the GTA but it’s not. Liberty Village – a new,... Read More

Easy Living in Scarborough at Markham & Ellesmere

September 26, 2018

The east end of Toronto is seeing some significant investment and development in the coming years. The Scarborough region is a huge portion of Toronto’s footprint and is really the perfect place to live if you work in the downtown core or eastern suburbs. As improvements come to the area, Scarborough’s real estate market is sure to pick up with the rest of... Read More

Addressing the Missing Middle in Toronto Real Estate

July 31, 2018

Residents and homebuyers in Toronto and the GTA are searching for the missing middle in real estate and ready for developers to drive a shift in housing form. Although Toronto and its suburbs are full of areas with condo and apartment towers surrounded by single-family homes, there is growing demand for housing that is larger and more independent than condos, but not as... Read More

Build Wealth Through Real Estate Equity

July 17, 2018

Every long journey starts with a few small steps - the same goes for building wealth through real estate equity. Most people can’t jump straight from renting an apartment to buying a million-dollar home. But they can put their housing expenses to work for them by purchasing real estate and paying down their mortgage to build equity in their properties over... Read More

Toronto’s Outdoor Skating Rinks

January 9, 2018

Ice skating is a timeless winter activity, and Toronto residents have many excellent outdoor skating rinks to choose from.  Rather than staying inside your warm condo this winter, bundle up, explore the city's outdoor skating rinks and lace up those skates! The Bentway Skating Trail Opening on January 6th, this is a brand new park developed under the Gardiner... Read More

Tips for Hosting a Party in a Condo

December 27, 2017

Living in Toronto, there are tons of restaurants, pubs & bars to enjoy time with friends, but sometimes it is nice to host close friends in the comfort of your own condo, and it's certainly better for the budget. Here are some tips for hosting a party in a condo: Clear the Clutter Hide any unnecessary items, clear off the counter of appliances - like the toaster -... Read More

Tips For Renting Out Your Condo

September 30, 2017

Not every condo purchaser lives in their suite – many purchase as investment and rent the unit out. This is especially popular in Toronto especially with rental vacancy rates so low, and a constant migration into the city from elsewhere, it is easy to find tenants. But being a landlord can be stressful unless you understand what you are doing. We at The Condo Store... Read More