How to Decorate a Small Condo Space

August 2, 2019

Living in small spaces, it feels like your decorating options are limited. The things you really want to do to your condo can like it’s a no-go, and your left with decorating only with the bare minimum. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! Despite how small your condo’s spaces may be, it is entirely possible to decorate your condo in the way you want to... Read More

What Plants and Herbs Can You Grow on Your Condo Balcony?

July 24, 2019

There’s nothing better than eating the fresh plants and herbs you grow yourself. If you live in a condo though, this can seem like a pipe dream. It isn’t, though! It’s not only possible to grow some of your favourite veggies and herbs, it’s actually very easy to do so solely on your balcony. If you are ready to turn your condo’s balcony into an urban garden... Read More

What Makes Symphony Towns a Great Place to Live?

May 23, 2019

Looking for a new place to live; a place that lets you live to the rhythm of your own noise; a community where you can be you? Symphony Towns may just be the next place you will want to call home. An exciting new neighbourhood in one of the most convenient locations in the region, Symphony Towns is sure to press all the right buttons. What makes it the gold standard... Read More

What Buyers Need to Know About Pre-Construction Condo

May 21, 2019

If you are considering purchasing a pre-construction condo, there are things every buyer needs to know in order to determine if the transaction is right for them. Don’t go into this process blindly – learn what to expect and the timeline of things to come by soaking in a few of our favourite tips every potential buyer needs to know. If you find a pre-construction... Read More

What to Watch For When Purchasing a Condo

May 21, 2019

Purchasing a condo is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life. That goes for any home, but because would-be buyers have so many choices when searching for condos it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Even so, it’s important to get it right the first time, so what is a first-time homebuyer (or any homebuyer who hasn’t purchase a condo... Read More

Benefits Of Waterfront Living

May 6, 2019

It isn’t hard to find enough benefits of waterfront living : sunshine, fun, a breathtaking view every day. But did you know there are actual health benefits to living near the water? It’s true: living on the water at a place like The Landing at Little Lake is a healthy decision that may just prolong your health. Don’t just take our word for it, though: according... Read More

Tips for Raising a Family in Toronto

February 13, 2019

If you’ve been considering moving to Toronto with your small family but are unsure where your next move should be, the experts at the Condo Store want you to know that you should seriously consider condo living – seriously! The condo life doesn’t have to end when you have a child. Young families are discovering that condo living is ideal for their family – yes,... Read More

Downsizing from a House to a Condo

February 23, 2018

In the life cycle of families, once children are grown and move away to college or jobs, parents find themselves living in a home much larger than necessary for two people.  It’s a time when couples start thinking about downsizing into something smaller or better sized for their new lifestyle. There are many benefits to downsizing to a condo at this stage in... Read More

Why People Are Moving To Toronto

July 12, 2017

You’re looking for a real estate investment opportunity. You’ve looked into cities all over North America, and one city keeps coming up – Toronto. Toronto leads North America in condo sales – they’re selling faster than they can be built – as well as low-rise sales. So why is Toronto such an in-demand market? Let’s look at the reasons why so many are... Read More

Do You Fit The Condo Lifestyle?

June 16, 2017

Fifteen years ago, you couldn’t give a condo away. Now people enter bidding wars just to get them. But they do offer a more reasonable entry into the real estate market for first time buyers, and they’re fast becoming the housing of choice for second and third timer buyers. As soon as they launch in beautiful established neighbourhoods, empty-nesters snap them up so... Read More