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A t The Condo Store we build long-term relationships, which allow us to provide personalized, clear and considerate advice on all areas of real estate in Toronto. We believe taking a personal approach is crucial when interacting with our clients, as it gives us a detailed understanding of how we can connect you with the perfect investment in the residential high-rise or low-rise sectors.

Our brand values exist so that our employees know the standards they need to hold, and equally our clients understand the type of person they will encounter when working with us. As a collective, The Condo Store is committed to being a responsible business and that is why we created our Community & Philanthropy program to deliver a charter for the business to adhere to.

Supporting local charitable organizations, such as SickKids Foundation and the Pinball Clemons Foundation throughout the last decade, through a series of annual events where our staff and clients have personally participated, has been a truly rewarding experience. We have been an integral part of those initiatives raising over $20 million to date as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars of separate donations and pledges based around the success of our real estate investment offerings

For us, education is a sector that we feel strongly about and we wish to give back in a personal and direct way to a small number of candidates that we feel can and will be valuable for our city’s growth and general well-being. Over the past six years, we have been committed to sponsoring PhD candidates at St. Michaels Hospital in their Cardiology department. As well, we are excited to announce brand new partnerships and scholarships with three business schools in Ontario. This initiative starts immediately at the Schulich School of Business at York University, the Ted Rogers Scholl of Management at Ryerson University and The Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. We are excited to get started working with and supporting their business and real estate programs with some formal announcements coming in the near future.

In a world transformed by an unprecedented pandemic, deciding how and where to invest capital is more complex than ever. Clarity is in short supply. Uncertainty is heightened. Investors across all asset classes are trying to navigate the unknown. But waiting for the storm to calm is no substitute for finely calibrated, logical action. With the latest research, we’ll work with you to navigate this uncertainty, seek out investment resilience, and discover new opportunities. Through a combination of purpose-built modelling processes and our market-leading team of experts who also invest alongside you, we’ll continue to bring you a clear perspective to chart a way forward.

I would love for you to review our new corporate website, https://condostorecanada.com/. The rationale for our new website is to continue to adapt and improve ahead of the industry at large; as many of you know we’ve had many copycats over the years, and we will continue to evolve and push the boundaries as the leaders in this sector. This is another example of that. We are different than the pack and now we will show up different, more refined, than the rest of the industry.

Not coincidentally, these streamlined branding efforts come as we have brought on board a key executive to lead our marketing operations. I am happy to introduce Rich Kuypers, as our Chief Marketing Officer.  Rich brings a wealth of diverse marketing and business operations experience to us as we forge our brand into the future, and most importantly as we endeavour to ensure our communication and service to you, our valued clients, remains at a superior level and substantially above industry standard.

As mentioned, we are planning consistent communication and part of that will be a report that goes to you, our investors, each quarter with updates, news, market outlook and other notes and tidbits we feel would be of interest to you.  We will not bombard your inbox; this is an effort to increase effective and wanted communication and information from us to you. 

As always, please reach out at any time, and I hope that you and your family are doing great and life will go back to normal again for all of us. We wanted to thank you for your continued support and business this year and through the years, as we continue our 15th anniversary as The Condo Store.  

Yours very truly,

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