Recognizing Extraordinary Community Service

Help The Condo Store (TCS) and Michael “Pinball” Clemons look forward with hope as our city, where we live and work, gets back to economic stability in the near future. We will never forget what our frontline workers are doing, and have been doing, to keep our community and economy running during these stay-at-home measures

We want to recognize, document and celebrate people from across the G.T.A. who are going above-and-beyond as we move along the path to recovery!

As a business, or an individual, we are asking that you nominate a community member – so that we can recognize them for their work during these difficult times. Everyone is eligible. Who is your hero?

Each week, we’ll chronicle nominees and select one person to feature and detail his or her extraordinary acts. They’ll receive a call from Pinball to say thank you on behalf of Toronto!

To Nominate Your Hero

Share this article with:

  1. name of the nominee, and tag if possible
  2. describe what the nominee is doing during COVID-19
  3. include the hashtag #TorontosEverydayHeroes

Alongside Pinball, let’s start a conversation and tell some great Toronto stories as we build towards recovery. Meanwhile, we urge you to do your part and follow the government’s guidelines to stop the spread of the virus.

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