As Toronto’s job numbers enjoy an upswing and more people travel into the city for work each day, people are weary of longer commute times. It’s not surprising that more and more people are looking to condos to give them back a quality of life.  Here are some of the benefits of living close to work:

Busy intersection in city

Shorter Commute Means More Free Time

Shorter commute times equals more free time, time to enjoy family and friends. Some commuters, travelling from Hamilton, Guelph, Barrie or Oshawa, will spend up to four hours a day traveling to Toronto and back. Time is a finite quality and you can never make more of it. Think about what four hours a day could translate into for quality of life.

Living Close to Work is Great for Your Wallet

Living close to work saves money. Walking to work is free — people often are able to give up their cars altogether, which represents a savings of at least $4000 a year. Having a short distance to travel allows people to commute by walking, on bike or by local transit. This freedom can allow residents to leave their car & insurance payments behind, and make use of all of the local conveniences & amenities that the city has to offer within walking & transit distance. Even for non-drivers, costs of long trips on GO Transit quickly add up when taken every day.

busy city street. people living close to work walking to work

Living Close to Work is Great for Your Health

First of all, walking to work instead of driving means you get some exercise rather than sitting long hours in a car. The extra time you have can be spent at the gym or practicing hobbies which aid in emotional health. It allows the freedom to participate in regularly scheduled sports leagues. Lunches prepared at home – to take with you or to walk home for – are fresher and more convenient than fast food options. Studies show that people with shorter commutes have less stressful lives, clearer minds, and lead a more relaxed lifestyle overall.

Living Close to Work is Great for the Environment

Not driving saves on fossil fuel emissions and cuts your own personal carbon footprint. Win-win.

Flexible Lifestyle

Working from home even for part of the day is easier, getting home to give the dog a quick walk, and there’s not the rush to get in and out of the city at a set time. Even arranging to meet friends after work is a whole lot easier.

Making the move to Toronto is one of the best life changes that a commuter could make. Living in the city and close to work is great for your wallet, health, work & overall lifestyle. If you are looking to make the move into Toronto, get in touch with The Condo Store to find your dream condo!